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10 Reasons Why Tenants Choose KPM

The first and most important reason is that we are considerate, courteous and approachable at all times when dealing with our tenants.
We ensure that all our properties are managed according to the Government's Housing Act and all our properties are inspected prior to tenancy commencement to ensure that they are clean and adequately equipped for letting
We are members of a number of professional bodies, including ARLA. All our staff have satisfied the entry qualifications and are bound by the rules of conduct to offer you a fair deal.
We offer evening and weekend appointments to fit with your busy schedule.
We only offer properties that meet the legal requirements in respect of Fire and Furnishings Regulations, The Gas Safety Regulations and The Electrical Appliance Regulations
We offer a comprehensive search in and around the Glasgow area to match your requirements. Our experience staff will keep you updated on progress. You will be assigned a member of staff who will personally move you in and deal with any difficulties throughout your tenancy. They will also manage an inventory of conditions and ensure with you that it is correct and accurate when you move in and out.
We draft the tenancy agreement for you and it is a standard Short Assured agreement. A copy of the agreement is provided to you at the start of the tenancy. It details the main terms of the tenancy and provides the landlord's and tenant's obligations throughout the term of the tenancy. The agreement is written in plain English with no concealed pitfalls or traps and we try and avoid unnecessary use of legal jargon.
We provide you with clear instructions for reporting repairs. We ensure that all appliances provided by the landlord at the outset are of the agreement are maintained and if necessary replaced. Where an item is in disrepair and is reported, we will provide you with an initial response within 24 hours. This response will give an estimated time period for the problem to be addressed.
We are 100% independently owned without any connections to large financial institutions or large chains of estate agents who are more focused on selling mortgages and properties than letting.